Indian summers can get rather hot and every part of our country has its version of its favorite summer cooler. Lassi is a popular traditional, yogurt-based drink from India. It is a summer cooler that is drunk the year around.

Lassi is a blend of yogurt, water, fruit and sometimes spices. FRUGURT has joined the brigade of other Indian and International giants in adding Lassi to its range of products.

FRUGURT Lassi is an all Natural product. It has a distinctive taste and is truly refreshing.
This product is available in three variants – Plain (Sweetened), Mango and Strawberry.

FRUGURT Mango Lassi is prepared to give the consumer a perfect blend of Fresh Mango and Yogurt, in the form of Lassi. It is available in a sippable cup, for customers to savor while on the go.

Refresh yourself anytime with our Plain Sweetened Lassi. This cool refreshing drink tastes great and can help regulate your digestive system. FRUGURT Plain Lassi has an exciting taste and it definitely invigorates your taste buds, making you thirst for more.

With Natural Strawberry Fruit pulp and billions of Live Active Culture in every cup, FRUGURT’s Strawberry Lassi is an exhilarating cup of Goodness !! Fresh Strawberry pulp blended with luscious yogurt makes it an extraordinary smoothie !