WHY FRUGURT ?    :    FAQs

1. Who can consume FRUGURT?
2. Why FRUGURT Yogurt?
3. How did the Brand name FRUGURT originate ?
4. Is a single cup of FRUGURT Yogurt enough for a child or an adult ?
5. Can I add FRUGURT to any other foods?
6. When's the best time to eat FRUGURT Product?
7. Are there any preservatives, additives, stabilizing agents or acidity regulators in FRUGURT ?
8. What is the shelf life of FRUGURT Yogurt and Dahi?
9. Where is FRUGURT manufactured?
10. How should FRUGURT Products be stored ?
11. Can FRUGURT Products be FROZEN ?
12. What does FRUGURT Yogurt taste like?
13. What does FRUGURT Yogurt contain ?
14. How many calories does FRUGURT Yogurt and Dahi contain ?
15. Are FRUGURT Products Gluten free?
16. Are FRUGURT Products Vegetarian ?
17. Can Lactose intolerant people consume FRUGURT Products?
18. Why is the color of FRUGURT Yogurt light ?
19. Why is the size of FRUGURT Yogurt 130g?
20. What are Probiotics?
21. What is the difference between Probiotics and Antibiotics?
22. Who needs Probiotics in their diet ?
23. What are the health benefits of consuming FRUGURT yogurt regularly ?
24. Are all Live Active Culture (LAC) products alike ?
25. Where are FRUGURT Products available?
26. FRUGURT Yogurt available in which cities ?